About Me

I am an Accredited Seniors Agent (Canadian equivalent of Senior Real Estate Advisor in the U.S.A.) with skills and knowledge to work with mature adults and with seniors in Canada. I offer a Canadian perspective to seniors in Canada. I work with clients in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

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Having studied, talked and written much about patterns of property ownership, debt and wealth accumulation, I believe that everyone has the right to own real estate.  I believe that everyone should own their home. If you are a mature adult or a senior, you know of this importance too. As a home owner you also know that having a large empty home, an empty nest, can have its drawbacks. By downsizing you can own property that can better suit your current needs, and you can free up some of the equity to enjoy the lifestyle that you want or need.  I am here to assist you in this process.

I have been involved in the Real Estate industry in many different ways for over ten years. I have met many people and I can attest that no transaction and no relationship is ever the same. In that light, I have made it my mission to “Making Seniors Matter Again.”

In this hectic world, with people leading crazy-busy lives, it seems that seniors in our society are the first to be forgotten. It’s not done maliciously; it just happens. As younger generations are racing through their lives, it seems we take it for granted that seniors can take care of themselves. And many of them can’t.

As an Accredited Senior Agent I serve mature adults, seniors and their families by transforming a typically stressful, hectic transition into a stress-free, guilt-free, reduced-anxiety process. I also work closely with people in many professions, including lawyers, senior move managers, financial planners, bank staff, accountants, estate planners, auctioneers, aging-in-place contractors, etc.

Whether moving because you want to, or because you have to, as an Accredited Senior Agent, I am here to help you. My primary goal is to assist mature adults and seniors in coming to the best decision for their circumstances, which may or may not involve the sale of their home. I offer consultation and collaboration. I guarantee integrity, professionalism and care. Contact me today at 905-617-3556.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!


  • Ph.D. in History
  • MA in History
  • Honours BA in Psychology
  • Diploma in Business Management

Professional Affiliations

I am a full member of The Oakville Milton District Real Estate Board (OMREB), as well as Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), and Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).


  • Resale Homes
  • Mature Adults and Senior Real Estate
  • Downsizing
  • Relocations

Community Involvement

I organize and co-sponsor the annual Celebrate the Lights charity event for Easter Seals kids. It is a community outdoors event geared towards local families. It is an attractive way for parents and their children to enhance their Holiday experience. Participants take a ride in a horse driven waggonett to admire homes that are beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and various holiday ornaments. While waiting for a turn to ride the waggonett, people have the opportunity to listen to Christmas carols and make friends. All funds collected at the event are donated to Easter Seals. What a great way to celebrate the Holiday Season and strengthen community bonds: all for a good cause! Come join us next time!

I also participate in the annual walk (with my dog) for Farley, raising funds and awareness for the Farley Foundation. Proceeds from this event assist seniors and people with disabilities to cover the veterinary cost of lifesaving procedures for their pets. If you wish to learn more about this cause or donate money, you may do so at http://www.farleyfoundation.org/

I volunteer in the annual community Social Fundraiser at St. John’s Elementary School. The proceeds from this Pasta Social event go directly to the school, providing educational and sporting equipment for the students. The event is attended by friends and families of the school and draws in many organizations and businesses in the larger community.

I believe that giving back to the community is so valuable.

Professional Background

I have worked as a university researcher and lecturer for fifteen years. My expertise has been in patterns of property ownership, debt and wealth accumulation. I also have an eclectic collection of experiences and personal interests that come together and complement each other very nicely, in the real estate business. With my unique set of skills, I can offer my clients exceptional service and the best representation. My attention to detail, organization, and understanding of the housing market will only enhance your experience in purchasing, selling or leasing your home.

Personal Interests

Outside of real estate and my family, I enjoy:

  • Skiing, swimming, cycling, and a good workout at the gym
  • A little gardening
  • Travelling
  • Reading a good history book
  • Teaching history
  • Writing and editing

Personal Background

I was born in Poland and raised in Mississauga. I have lived in four different countries, and traveled extensively around the world, and I am lucky and proud to call Oakville my home of eight years. I have come to learn about, and love, the unique communities that make up Oakville, from their charming historical homes, to luxurious mansions, to affordable new housing for young families, to dilapidated homes that offer so much potential for their new owners, to everything in between. The hundreds of kilometres of bike paths on the roads as well as on the trails, the ravines, open spaces and municipal parks that abound Oakville communities ensure that residents can be immersed in serene surroundings when they come home. All of this only minutes away from the bustling and hustling metropolis. What is there not to love?


English, Polish, Spanish

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